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Inspiring, Educating & Equipping Entrepreneurs

to Unlock their Gifts, Multiply their Talents,

Create Wealth, and bring Cultural Transformation.

Membership Benefits

Training Course

Monthly Training Course

Teaching that blends practical business skills with kingdom principles.

Breakout rooms for networking and collaboration

Resource Library

Access to Resource Library

Video Testimonies from other young kingdom entrepreneurs

Business Tools

How-to series on social media, business models, handling logistics, YouTube channels, and more!


  Gen Z  

  for ages 12-17

Monthly training meetings via Zoom the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm CT.


  for ages 18-30

Monthly training meetings via Zoom the last Thursday of each month at 7pm CT.


   for age 30+

Meetings will include training, group activities, as well as a time for collaboration and receiving encouragement.

In addition, we’re building a library of interviews with young entrepreneurs that the students will have access to. We will also be sending out a monthly leadership newsletter. The training sessions will incorporate in-depth entrepreneurial training, as well as a strong focus on training students how to bring God into every aspect of their business process; grounding all of our training in a Biblical worldview.

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Gen Z Course

Millennial Course


Gen Z  Track

12-17 years

Leader:    Shelley Ozment
Assistant:   Kailee Wentroble

Millennial  Track

18-30 years

Leader:     Stacie Forest
Assistant:  Jamie Boersma

"Remember that the LORD your God gives you the power to gain wealth, in order to confirm his covenant he swore to your fathers, as it is today.



Monthly Themes


July – The Z Initiative Launch Party

     Understanding God’s plan For business

August – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

     Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

September – Unlocking Stolen Creativity

     Tapping into the Creator

October – It Starts With An Idea

     Entrepreneurs solve problems

November – Citizens Of The Future

     Impacting the world through business

December – Choosing a Business

     Business model
January – Bootstrapping Your Business
     Launching With A Limited Budget
February – Developing Your Brand
     Building Your Company Identity
March – Understanding Your Business Ecosystem
     Handling Adversity In Business
April – Building a Profitable Business
     Business Financials
May – Communicating with Confidence
     Telling The Story Of Your Business
June – Becoming a Kingdom Wealth Creator
     Discovering God’s Plan For Wealth

Meet The Z Initiative Team


Shelley Ozment

Gen Z Track Leader


Owner of Vanguard:Creative

Writer at the 47M Project


12 yrs Ministry Training School Educator


Leadership coach , educator and writer.


25 years in youth leadership for middle, high school and college




Kailee Wentroble

Gen Z Track Leader

YouTube Channel



Stacie Forest

Millennial Track Leader


Youth pastor 25 years

Works as a video editor, graphic artist. photographer and potter.





Jamie Boersma

Millennial Track Leader


Project Coordinator for Multi-million dollar historically underutilized business


Fitness Instructor/ Certified TRX Trainer

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