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Empowering the Next Generation of Kingdom Entrepreneurs


Inspiring, Educating & Equipping

Young Entrepreneurs

to Unlock their Gifts, Multiply their Talents,

Create Wealth, and bring Cultural Transformation.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Zoom Conference Call

    • Teaching that blends practical business skills with kingdom principles.

    • Breakout rooms for networking and collaboration

  • Access to Resource Library

    • Video Testimonies from other young kingdom entrepreneurs

  • How-to series on social media, business models, handling logistics, and more

$150 for 1 year membership


  Gen Z  

  for ages 12-17

Monthly training meetings via Zoom the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm CT.


  for ages 18-30

Monthly training meetings via Zoom the last Thursday of each month at 7pm CT.

Meetings will include training, group activities, as well as a time for collaboration and receiving encouragement.

In addition, we’re building a library of interviews with young entrepreneurs that the students will have access to. We will also be sending out a monthly leadership newsletter. The training sessions will incorporate in-depth entrepreneurial training, as well as a strong focus on training students how to bring God into every aspect of their business process; grounding all of our training in a Biblical worldview.

Diversity Students

Gen Z


12-17 years



18-30 years

Gen Z  Track

12-17 years

Leader:    Shelley Ozment
Assistant:   Kailee Wentroble



Tuesday, July 28

  • Zoom  with Teaching by Shelley Ozment 

  • Access to Resource Library

Millennial  Track

18-30 years



Thursday, July 30

  • Zoom Teaching by Stacie Forest 

  • Access to Resource Library

Leader:     Stacie Forest
Assistant:  Jamie Boersma

Monthly Themes

July – The Z Initiative Launch Party

     Understanding God’s plan For business

August – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

     Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

September – Unlocking Stolen Creativity

     Tapping into the Creator

October – It Starts With An Idea

     Entrepreneurs solve problems

November – Citizens Of The Future

     Impacting the world through business

December – Choosing a Business

     Business models

Image by Kevin Borrill

Meet The Z Initiative Team

Shelley Ozment

Gen Z Track Leader

Owner of Vanguard:Creative

Writer at the 47M Project

12 yrs Ministry Training School Educator

Leadership coach , educator and writer.

25 years in youth leadership for middle, high school and college


Kailee Wentroble

Gen Z Track Leader

YouTube Channel


Stacie Forest

Millennial Track Leader

Youth pastor 25 years

Works as a video editor, graphic artist. photographer and potter.



Jamie Boersma

Millennial Track Leader

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