School of Practical Intercession

We have entered the decade of the voice!
What a powerful time for your team and intercessors to release their voices as part of God’s Ekklesia! We are offering the School of Practical Intercession: Releasing the Power of the Ekklesia with Adam Brown and Barbara Wentroble every 1st Monday from 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM CDT. Adam Brown will teach for 20 minutes on releasing the power of the Ekklesia and lead us into 20 minutes of activation & impartation!
After completing this 10-Month School of Practical Intercession, we will offer a Certificate of Completion and Commissioning at our Annual Gathering of Breakers, October 2020 at the Global Spheres Center, Corinth, TX.
You don't want to miss this powerful time for your team and intercessors to decree the power of God into the earth. Jesus identified His Ekklesia and gave them the keys to legislate so that His Kingdom would advance! The Ekklesia has a mandate from God to change the earth.
It's not too late to join! Invite your entire team and all your intercessors to our next Zoom Meeting on Monday
, June 1, 2020! You will receive the replays & homework for the January through May classes as soon as you register.
Releasing the Power of the Ekklesia in 2020!

Barbara Wentroble & Adam Brown

School of Practical Intercession Team

  • Barbara Wentroble – SOPI Host

  • Adam Brown – SOPI Instructor

  • Dale Wentroble – SOPI Pastor

  • Tifphanie Rhymes – SOPI Admin

  • Lori Kooiman – SOPI Financial Admin

School of Practical Intercession Details

  • When: Every 1st Monday - Except Holidays

  • Time: 7:00PM to 7:45PM CDT

  • Via: Conference Call

  • Duration: 10-Month Certified School

  • Starting: Monday, January 6, 2020

  • Ending: Monday, October 5, 2020

Registration Price

Full Payment

  • $120 one-time charge for the entire 10-month school.

  • The certificate of completion is included in this fee

Please Note
After you register, you will be sent conference call information.

Certificate of Completion & Commissioning Qualifications

  • Answer 3 questions pertaining to the teachings each month.

  • Submit short answers to within 5 days after the call.

  • Complete all ten sessions in the course and attend Annual Gathering of Breakers, October 2020 at the Global Spheres Center, Corinth, TX to receive: (1) Certificate of Completion and (2) Commissioning.

SOPI Schedule

  • Mon, Jan 6

  • Mon, Feb 3

  • Mon, Mar 2

  • Mon, Apr 6

  • Mon, May 4

  • Mon, Jun 1

  • Mon, Jul 6

  • Mon, Aug 3

  • Mon, Sept 7 - Labor Day

  • Thurs, Sept 10

  • Mon, Oct 5

Contact Information

Barbara Wentroble

PO Box 109, Argyle, TX 76226


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