Strategy for Finding Lost Objects

For years, I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for lost objects. In our house, we have two offices plus regular household things. I would often set things down in many locations and then forget where I put them.

I prayed for a solution to this dilemma and the Lord gave me a plan. When I set something down, I pretend I am taking a picture of the object including the background. Later, when I am looking for the object, I remember the picture. I can see in my mind’s eye the lost object.

This plan does not always work since I sometimes forget to hesitate and take the mental picture. However, I am doing much better now. I save untold hours of searching plus the frustration as I go through the house from top to bottom. When I don’t remember the picture, I pray. I ask The Holy Spirit to help me find the lost object. He is faithful to answer my prayer. Losing an object has now become an adventure in finding it.

I can now spend valuable productive time making calls and praying with people. I so enjoy these calls and hearing what the Lord is doing in your life. If you are prone to losing things like me, ask the Lord to help you develop a strategy to save time for more productive projects!

Yours in Christ,

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