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Back when we were living in Tyler, TX, I took a Bell and Howell Electronics course. Included in the course was building a color TV, which was a lot of fun!

Quickly, without me knowing, word spread that I could fix broken TV’s! Soon people started bringing over their broken TV’s to our house, expecting me to fix them. I became very frustrated, not being able to fix even one TV. In my frustration, I called out to the Lord for help. Here was His answer: “Dale, I have not called you to be a TV repairman.”

Oh, what a wonderful relief! I immediately called all the people who had dropped off their TV’s to come pick them up, politely stating that I could not fix them.

Reflecting on the TV debacle, I learned that if the enemy could not tempt me into some sin, then instead, he would steal my time and energy with endless projects. Either strategy would prevent me from fulfilling the Lord’s call on and purpose for my life.

Now, when different projects confront me, I turn to the Lord for clear direction. Sometimes He lets me do the project, and at others times He directs me to hire or assign that project to someone else. Giving my time to the Lord each day helps me keep in sync with God’s purpose for my life.

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