Spirit Prayer with Interpretation

I prayed before my time on the phone calls that I had planned for the day. I wanted to hear what the Lord’s heart was for each caller. In preparation for the calls, I spent considerable time praying in the Spirit. I knew this would be a way for me to build myself up in the Spirit and would also increase my faith. Later, I called each person and spent time on a practical level by listening to and addressing their prayer requests.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit prompted me to add a new dimension to the prayer time. He said, “Offer the caller an opportunity to receive an interpretation of a message in tongues.” In response to the admonition from the Lord, I asked the caller a question.  “Would you like to participate in a spiritual exercise with the Lord?” For those who agreed, I explained that I would give a message in tongues and believe that the Holy Spirit would give them the interpretation. I told the caller that the interpretation could apply to their circumstances. The interpretation could also be prayers of intercession for others. Additionally, the Lord might release other forms of revelation. In my amazement, the Lord did what He said He would do!

Sometimes the caller received an accurate word for themselves. The word sometimes was a private word that they didn’t want to share. Still, that word was hidden in their hearts for them to meditate on later.

On other calls, the caller waited for me to bring the interpretation. The Holy Spirit was faithful to give the interpretation to me. I am sure it was because of the faith in the caller!

At the end of each call, I felt a special love for that person. The presence of the Lord passed between us and I knew that the caller had been touched and edified. We rejoiced together as we concluded the call.

You have the same Holy Spirit that these callers have. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are in you (I Corinthians 9). I encourage you to spend time praying in the Spirit. Ask the Lord to give you the interpretation of what you are praying. You will be amazed as God releases revelation and the answers you are looking for!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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