Rest in His Presence

During my prayer time one morning, I sensed an unusual level of the Lord’s presence. I knew the Lord was speaking to me heart to heart. I could sense God’s love flowing to me.

During that special time in the presence of the Lord, I suddenly remembered driving to work in Houston many years ago. Each morning, I would encounter long multi-lanes of traffic. Although there was a huge amount of traffic, I would suddenly find myself alone on the freeway! It was as if an invisible hand pushed me ahead of the vehicles in front of me. That invisible hand also held back those who were behind me. I felt like I was in a bubble! The Lord provided a protective covering over me for a period of time.  What made this so special was that it happened to me every day. God confirmed His supernatural presence daily! 

My faith was built, and I was able to enter His rest. Although I was surrounded by heavy traffic, I could sense His presence. How are you sensing the Lord’s presence in your life daily? Are you discovering His loving presence during the busyness of life? He is longing to revel Himself to you and help you find rest. Enjoy your day with the Lord! 

Yours in Christ,

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