Power in Prayer

Sometimes when I am praying, I wonder if my prayers are really having any effect. Then I remember the following passage from the book, Cure of All Ills by Dr. Mary Stewart Relfe. As many times I have read this particular excerpt, it always encourages and motivates me to press further into prayer and intercession:

When the books are opened wide and the deeds of all are tried – it shall surely be revealed that history was not made in halls of congress or offices of armies or navies, but in Prayer Closets of nameless intercessors, for the fate of this world has always been, and is today, in the hands of praying saints.

Reading this passage makes me remember the historical events that can only be explained by the hand of God working in the midst of them. An example is the saving of Great Britain during World War II. Every time Hitler began to plan the invasion of England, he would become confused, and his plans would be discarded. Soon after, it was discovered that a group of intercessors were praying at the exact time Hitler was making those plans! This happened on several occasions.

Always remember that your spiritual enemy wants you to believe that your prayers have no effect. Never listen to that whisper in your ear as you lift your voice with prayers and decrees! Just lift your voice that much louder and with more faith, knowing that you are making an impact in the situation you are praying for! This is the decade of the VOICE, and always remember there is POWER in PRAYER!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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