Outpouring Love

Last week I participated on a team of ministers at our church’s call-center. Our assignment was to call and pray for those who had scheduled ministry.  As I listened to each person, my heart went out to them as I realized so many were suffering with all kinds of problems, including health, finances, and relationships. The Holy Spirit downloaded prophetic words to each one which specifically addressed some of these problems. Afterwards, I was so thankful that what I was able to release and share was a blessing and an encouragement.

Even while writing this devotion, I feel such a strong explosion of love welling-up within me. It is like the passage where the lady with the issue of blood was cured when she touched the hem of His garment. Jesus asked, “Who touched me?  For I felt virtue flowing out of me.” This same virtuous outpouring of love is available for you! Therefore, I pray that everyone reading this devotion would ask Holy Spirit to explode that love in your hearts so you can minister and bless everyone around you!

Yours in Christ,

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