Learning the Hard Way

I remember certain events that formed me into the person God created me to be. The lessons were not always easy. My mother used to say that I learned everything the hard way. I suspect this is probably true. It seems that many times I learned more when I did the wrong thing than when I did the right thing! Perhaps it was because when doing the wrong thing there were consequences. To break these wrong habits, I determined to not only pray over decisions but also to incorporate three principles. The following principles helped me to overcome learning by suffering the consequences of doing the wrong thing:

  • Does my decision line up with the scriptures?

  • Are the circumstances in agreement?

  • Is there peace in my spirit?

When all three line up I am ready to proceed. 

A good example is as follows:

  • There was a time many years ago when I was determined to buy a new car. I prayed over this decision and applied my formula.

Does buying a car violate any scripture?

  • No, so this is a go.

Are the circumstances in agreement?

  • I put out a fleece saying: If my credit is approved tonight, I will proceed with the purchase.

  • It was not approved, hence this was a no go.

Thirdly, is there peace in my spirit?

  • Yes, I was at peace in proceeding.

Therefore, the test says “do not proceed.”  The credit condition was not met. The sad thing was I ignored the results of my test and proceeded with the purchase. This decision proved to be very costly. I encountered all kinds of problems with this car.

When faced with a decision you may want to apply the above test. But don’t ignore the test results like I did!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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