Laughter as a Medicine

How amazing that the Lord has a medicine for His people that is free! No co-pay, no insurance premiums, and no long waiting lines to receive the medicine. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A merry heart does good, like medicine.”  Wow! Laughter is a medicine that anyone can give away to bring healing to others. 

Many times, when I am talking with people on the phone, I try to bring laughter into our conversation. I am amazed at how the ones I am talking with respond to my story or my greeting. The person’s emotions change, and we so often feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. What is amazing to me is that it happens so frequently. During those times, I realize that the hurts and problems of the day are in the process of being healed. The Lord is pouring out His Balm of Gilead.

Science has proven that wonderful things happen when we laugh. I have read stories where people have laughed themselves out of serious health problems. In my own life, when problems come along, the Holy Spirit brings to my mind funny things I have done or said in the past.  I begin to laugh at myself and the funny things I have done. For example, when I am on an elevator with strangers I will say, “I guess you are wondering why I called this meeting”. This almost always evokes a smile or a laugh.

One of my favorite jokes always makes me laugh as often as I think about it.

A husband and wife arrive in heaven and are admiring a beautiful golf course. The greens are trimmed just right. The water hazards and sand traps are strategically placed and the whole course is beautiful. The husband turns to his wife and says: “You and your bran muffins! We could have been here years ago!”

Use laughter as a medicine for you and for those you talk with. Laughter can heal broken lives, strengthen the weary and refresh tired minds and bodies. God gives this medicine free of charge for those who will accept it. May you be blessed and filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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