He Makes All Things New

The last time Barbara and I purchased a new car was in 2005, over 15 years ago! Although both of our vehicles were in great condition, we decided to pass them on to our children, since the grandkids were getting their licenses and were ready to drive. Our children were thrilled that now their kids could drive to their many activities without having to rely on them!

After giving both of our cars away, we then made a new purchase. Barbara and I were thrilled because the new vehicle has so many NEW features that our older cars did not have: new safety features, new technology features, and new comfort features that make the vehicle so much fun to drive.

Even as automotive manufacturers understand the importance of making all things new each year, so does the Lord - - and even more so!! The Lord desires to make us new each day, each year, each decade and each era! Why settle for the way you have always been? Ask the Lord to show you how YOU can become NEW in EVERY area of your life! 

Yours in Christ,

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