From Defeat to Victory

Nations are in crisis today! Many people have lost loved ones due to the Corona Virus. Many others have lost jobs or income. Often, we hear voices speaking a defeatist attitude that “things will never be the same.”

It is easy to become discouraged when listening to negative voices and hearing current reports from the news media. In times like this, it is important to tune our ears and hearts to the Lord. As we draw close to Him, there will be a spirit of thanksgiving arising in our hearts.

In the Presence of the Lord, we are reminded what this season is really about. We have entered a Passover season. Others may call it Easter. Whatever term you use, this season is about the most powerful event in human history. We are reminded of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He fulfilled the prophetic picture given us in the Book of Exodus. God sent a plague and delivered His people out of Egyptian captivity. His destiny was not for His people to live as slaves under a corrupt system. God’s destiny was to have a people free to worship Him and extend His Kingdom throughout Earth. God’s destiny is the same for you today!

Join with me in giving thanks for our sacrificial Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for choosing us to be part of His amazing family. Allow this time, while you are isolated in your home, to be a reminder of that first Passover. God’s people were isolated in their homes. The blood on their doorposts was a weapon used against the enemy of death. The enemy had to “pass over” and allow God’s people to “pass over” to their Promised Land.

Your heart will resound with thanksgiving as you remember what the Lord did for you through the power of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. Who can have a defeatist attitude when we remember the all-powerful victory that Jesus secured for us? Have a wonderful and thankful Passover!

Yours in Christ,

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