Freedom is Not Free

I served in the Air Force for several years. During that time, I developed a love and respect for the men and women in the military. The time that I served was a very special season in my life. My time included being trained as a Missile Officer. I was continually amazed at the quality and dedication of those I served with.

Years later, on one of our family trips to Washington, we toured Arlington Cemetery. I remember looking over the vast expanse of the cemetery. I was reminded of the thousands of soldiers who had given their lives so that we can enjoy the wonderful freedom of living in America. I was also reminded of those who served and returned home with permanent damage to their minds and bodies. I thought about soldiers who came home as paraplegics. Some came home with missing limbs and blind eyes. Others suffered trauma and mental torment. These brave men and women laid their lives down so that you and I could live in a free nation.

As we celebrate this 4th of July, stop and give thanks to the Lord for America. Pray for those families that have sacrificed through military service. Pray fervently for our president. Pray for the citizens of this great nation to join in unity to preserve America. May we continue receiving the many blessings we enjoy each day.

Remember, the freedom you and I are experiencing is not free. A great price has been paid and continues to be paid. May the Lord bless and keep you as we sing “God bless America, land that I love!”

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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