Forming & Breaking Habits

Many years ago, I heard someone say: “a habit can be formed or broken in 21 days.” I smoked a pack a day of cigarettes while attending college. I made the comment that it would be easy for me to quit if they would just stop making “Kool” cigarettes. I liked them so much. I decided to test the plan for breaking a habit.

The most difficult part of the test was the first 3 days. After 14 days it started to get easier. By the 21st day, I was over the withdrawal symptoms. Instead of thinking how good a cigarette tasted, I thought about how bad my mouth tasted in the morning. I thought about how inconsiderate I was around other people with smoke and bad breath. I know the Lord helped me to be successful in breaking this habit.

Over the years I have applied this 21-day plan from time to time and it has always worked. I recently put this same plan in effect to form a new habit.  I always put our trash container outside early in the morning on the day of the pickup. This is usually the darkest and coldest time of day. So, I have started putting the container out the night before when it is light and usually not as cold. I am believing that after 21 days I will no longer forget to put out the trash container and will enjoy these new benefits.

The Word of God says that He is concerned with those things that concern us. I have a new habit to be thankful for as I walk out this new adventure in my life.

As I was writing this devotion, I felt the presence of the Lord in a very special way. I knew it was for some of you. I pray that the Lord will help you break old bad habits and form new, beneficial ones. Try it for 21 days and see what God will do in your life!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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