Someone once said, “People love others not for who they are, but how they make you feel.”

As I began to meditate on this saying, certain people came to mind who always make me feel encouraged. Just the other day, someone said, “Dale, I always enjoy talking with you. You don’t major on the minors, nor complain and find fault.” Then later, someone else came by and said almost the same thing. This was so encouraging to me and just made my day!

Just as I am continually being encouraged by others, the Lord often brings people across my path who need the same encouragement. The Lord will prompt me at the end of conversations, saying, “Ask them if you can pray for them. They need a touch today.” As I began praying, I would receive a word of encouragement for them, and I knew it blessed them!

Remember, many things go on around us every day which can bring discouragement, fear, lack, and sadness. The issues of life can overwhelm our souls. Allow the Lord to use you to pray for someone and bring a message of hope, encouragement, and love. Be the salt in the earth that you were created to be!

Yours in Christ,

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