We recently attempted to turn on our outdoor fireplace. It is supplied with natural gas via an underground steel pipe running under the patio. We made several attempts to light the burner but was unsuccessful. I assumed that the line or burner was plugged. We then called a natural gas certified plumber. After evaluating the situation, he said he would need to cut a trench in the concrete floor and remove the gas tube.

Following the removal of the old pipe, he installed a new pipe with associated valves and fittings. While the workers were digging the trench, we had an alarming discovery. The original line was completely destroyed! It was full of holes and rusted pipe ends. The plumber told us that the minerals in the ground reacts with the metal pipe and attacks it.

Each time we used our gas grill, gas was being supplied to the line feeding both the fireplace and gas grill. As such, gas was escaping underground into the dirt around the pipe. By God’s grace, no spark ignited the gas. Otherwise, our house could have exploded, or people killed. We learned a lot about gas that day!

A new line was run and tested by the certified plumber. He said the new line would last 20-30 years. If you have any gas pipes running underground, I encourage you to call a core plumber to check your lines immediately. Also, join me in thanking the Lord for His protection over each of us.

He will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy, and he will protect you from false accusation and any deadly curse. His massive arms are wrapped around you protecting you. You can run under his covering of majesty and hide (Psalm 91:3-4 Passion).

He is watching over us even when we don’t know we are in danger!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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