Core Values

Over the years, I have noticed the single greatest component of a good marriage, a good relationship, and successful working teams: Core Values. A core value is a guiding principle that you have applied to your life, and from which there is no compromise.

Faithfulness and honoring women are guiding principles in my life.  My covenant commitment to my wife is uncompromising. Likewise, being honest in my business dealings are also part of my core values.  Honesty and integrity are guiding principles of my life and are resolute in all of my interactions with others.

Take a few moments and write your core values.  Maybe do some internet research on “core values” to spur on inspiration.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you to glorify God daily, walk in integrity, serve others before yourself, stay loyal, and do all things with excellence.  Incorporate your core values into everything you do and live a fruitful and joy-filled life!

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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