Break Free with Tithing

Many years ago, Barbara and I were attending a Baptist church in Tucson, AZ. One day, two deacons from that church visited our home. They began telling us how important it was to tithe. We received their teaching and made a commitment to start to tithe.

In just a short time, something supernatural began to happen! In the past, we always struggled with finances. Suddenly, everything started to change! My salary went further, appliances continued working, tires on the car seemed to last longer, and overall the nuisances of things breaking just stopped happening. Even our health began to improve! For me, I always had one cold after another, but also that cycle ended. Now I am rarely sick with a cold.

Even in hard times, we never stopped tithing. We turned off the cable and discontinued the newspaper. We had three children in college at the same time, yet every need was supernaturally met.

Over the years I have ministered to many people with significant problems with finances. With only rare exception were these people tithing. We often hear people say, “We can’t afford to tithe.” The truth of the matter is that you can’t afford NOT to tithe, as this act of obedience breaks curses off your finances. If you are not tithing, what better time to make a new year’s resolution to begin now.

Yours in Christ,

© Dale Wentroble

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