A Wonderful Blessing

Yesterday I decided to add wireless headphones to my home entertainment system, and I asked my son Brian to help me. After a while of attempting to make the necessary modifications to the system, the headphone pairing just did not work. Later, after Brian left, I went to turn the system back on and discovered that nothing was working! The receiver went dead, and the control system was not functioning at all.

After several more attempts to turn the system back on, all I knew to do was pray over it.  I laid my hands on the console and, with decrees, commanded life to return!  Then I went to bed tired and frustrated.

The following morning, much to my amazement, the system worked perfectly! I first chuckled to myself saying, “Maybe the system was just tired and needed a rest!”  But then I realized that my decrees were effective and had authority, so the system had to respond!  I spent the rest of the day thanking and praising the Lord!

Remember this is the decade of the VOICE! So let your decrees of faith come forth from your mouth to change those things around you that need to change! 

Yours in Christ,

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