A Fun Adventure

I was praying recently, and an interesting thing happened. I remembered many people who have impacted my life. The Lord brought to my attention people from my life in the past. He reminded me of others who are currently influencing my life. As I remembered these people, I would pray for some. Others I called. It was exciting as I reviewed in my mind the effect these people had in my life. The memory of these people became quite a blessing. It was so much fun.

The people I remembered included schoolteachers, ministers, friends, co-workers, etc. How blessed I was with the good memories of these wonderful people. The people that I called were so glad that I called. I was able to share with them how much I appreciated them. I let them know how they had blessed my life.

Today my children, grandchildren, Barbara and Tifphanie keep my life full of fun adventures!  We create good memories out of our missteps. In our house, we have lots of laughter. We turn our mistakes and blunders into times of laughing at ourselves. Life is too fragile and short to get so serious about our mistakes.

I encourage you to give this adventure a try. Take a fun break today. Laugh at your mistakes. Remember the good times of the past with people that impacted your life. You will be amazed at how much fun life can be!

Yours in Christ,

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