This is a free event. Please invite anyone you know that has a heart for the next generation!


Join us for a special strategic intercession meeting,

Empowering The Next Generation To Secure Their Future!

There is a powerful calling on the next generation!


We know this in part, because of the dramatic level of warfare that is coming against them – and it’s only increasing! Schools are actively promoting gender confusion and racial conflict rather than preparing students with the basic academic tools they will need to succeed in life. The government, media, and entertainment industries are working overtime to create a victim mentality in them through the promotion of socialism, distrust of family, and identity confusion. Marriage rates continue to fall as fatherlessness strips a generation of the foundation they so desperately need, and more and more young people are leaving a church that they see as irrelevant.


The battle for their future is being fought right now, and it’s our job to prepare them with the tools they need to thrive in the midst of conflict!

Meeting Information:


Date: Tuesday, September 21st


Time: 7PM Central Time


Via: Zoom Video Conferencing 


Host: Barbara Wentroble


ZI Team Leaders: Shelley Ozment, Jamie Boersma, Stacie Forest, Kailee Wentroble & Brian Wentroble


Special Guests: Klancy Cunningham: GSC Wake Up Gad  & Michelle Garcia: Rockaware

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During our meeting the panel will discuss:


  • How to pray more strategically

  • Strategies to help them strengthen their economic futures

  • Tools and resources to ground their identity, activate their spiritual authority, and unlock the gifts inside them!


If you are concerned about the world your children and grandchildren are growing up in, there is something you can do about it! Join us on Tuesday, September 21st to see how you can get started!

ZI Team Leaders & Special Guests

Barbara Wentroble

 Founder & President

International Breakthrough Ministries



Generation Z Track

Leader & ZI Director

Kailee Wentroble

Generation Z Track





Millennial Track Leader



Millennial Track




Adult Track Leader &


Special Guest

GSC Wake Up Gad 



Special Guest


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