BBL Breakthrough Business Leaders

Monthly Meeting

Time and Date: Tuesday, July 21 @ 7 PM - 8:30 PM Central Time

Event: BBL Breakthrough Business Leaders with Barbara Wentroble

Via:  Zoom Audio & Video Conferencing 

Breakthrough Business Leaders

BBL and our events are for all leaders: business leaders, marketplace leaders, ministry leaders, pastors, executives, those you are mentoring and anyone interested in experiencing God in the workplace!

BBL Mission: To educate, equip and empower business leaders to fulfill their God-given purpose by advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.

BBL Vision: Breakthrough Business Leaders provides education through seminars, conferences and various media resources. Cutting-edge teaching keeps leaders alert to fresh revelation that the Lord is releasing to the Body of Christ. Training sessions are available to unlock giftings and anointing in leaders. These Holy Spirit  giftings promote success in the business world. Leaders are also used to train and equip others to establish their own business ventures. With proper guidance leaders are empowered to bring change to their sphere of influence. These individuals are able to make an impact locally as well as other nations of the world. They are able to multiply their talents and resources which results in transformation in less fortunate areas of the world. Breakthrough Business Leaders (BBL) are committed to developing the highest potential in the individual. The leaders are also committed to an exponential increase of Kingdom advancement through corporate initiatives.

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Barbara Wentroble

PO Box 109, Argyle, TX 76226


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