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Whole PowerPoint entirely created with AI while watching baseball

Talk about productivity! This entire PowerPoint was developed by Brian Wentroble at the same time he was watching a World Series baseball game.

The content, bullet points, and images were generated by the tools you'll learn to use during our upcoming Artificial Intelligence Training Seminar on November 18.

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Very Quickly Design Your Draft PowerPoints

The original Chat GPT prompt that created the content was "Explain the Biblical basis for Spiritual Warfare."

Following the content development, ChatGPT created an outline for each slide.

The original content was copied into the Notes section of each slide, including the full text of the scriptures.

Suggestions were created by ChatGPT for illustrations along with example prompts to be fed into Midjourney.


Midjourney was used to create each and every image used in the PowerPoint.

The text was copied and pasted directly into blank PowerPoint slides with only minor modifications.

PowerPoint Designer was used to format the slides.

This entire presentation was created during commercials and in between pitches and hits, demonstrating how quickly a whole first draft of teaching can be created with these tools. Talk about productivity!

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