Barbara Wentroble leads an apostolic network and a strategic alliance of visionary leaders globally. She is a strong apostolic leader, gifted with a powerful prophetic anointing. Ministering with cutting-edge teaching and revelation, a powerful breaker anointing is released. Giftings and anointings in ministers, business leaders, and individuals are activated for the purpose of fulfilling their destiny.

Barbara conducts leadership conferences to equip leaders for success in their Kingdom assignments. She has been involved in the global prayer movement since the 1990s and travels around the world.

Recently Barbara launched the online course: How to Become a High-Level Prophetic Intercessor.

She is the author of 13 books. These books include Becoming a Wealth Creator; The Council Room of the Lord book series: Accessing the Power of God, Accessing Your Prophetic Gift, Accessing God’s Healing Glory; Prophetic Intercession; Praying With Authority; Removing the Veil of Deception; Fighting for Your Prophetic Promises; People of Destiny, and Empowered for Your Purpose. The latest release is Releasing the Voice of the Ekklesia - Order Today!

She and her husband Dale reside in Lantana, Texas. They are parents of three adult children and eight grandchildren.

About Barbara Wentroble

Barbara Wentroble is Founder and President of International Breakthrough Ministries (IbM). IbM educates, equips, and empowers leaders to fulfill their God-given purpose by advancing the Kingdom of God in their spheres of influence. This network is an excellent opportunity to have your personal talents and abilities recognized, affirmed, and released for a greater destiny. IbM provides spiritual alignment for ministry and marketplace leaders through accountability. Spiritual alignment happens when hearts are knit together by the Lord!


Aligning with Barbara Wentroble Through International Breakthrough Ministries:


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